Payment plans

Solar can have massive savings benefits for the everyday homeowner. Why not utilise the savings your system generates and have your solar pay for itself? Our Green energy payment plans aim to achieve a cash-flow positive payment term for every homeowner, not just those that can afford the complete outright payment.

Green energy payment plans in 5 simple steps:

Step 1

By analysing the homeowners previous energy bills and determining their current energy needs; An Apex solar expert will tailor an appropriate energy solution suitable to the homeowner’s requirements.

Step 2

Based off the current energy rates/tariffs in the area (Feed-in and usage rates) The Apex expert will calculate the expected savings from the proposed system in a weekly, quarterly and yearly fashion.

Step 3

Taking the expected savings into account; The Apex expert will aim to tailor a payment plan that utilizes the expected savings, then redirect them toward the payment of the proposed solar system. The goal is to achieve a solution that is cash-flow positive for the homeowner.

Step 4

Using only the best CEC accredited installers, the tailored solar solution is installed for the homeowner.

Step 5

The homeowner can sit back, while their solar pays for itself.

With over 900+ completed jobs within the commercial solar space and 2500+ in the residential space, our installers are well versed on how tidy, compliant installs should be. We take pride in every step of the installation process.

With over 8 years of experience installation solar, our team is passionate about what they do and remain enthusiastic about their cause.

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Solar energy has come a long way over the past decade and what we’ve noticed in recent years is: The correct solar system, designed and installed correctly will save homeowner’s more money in energy than the required payments for their solar.

It begs the question, if owning your energy requires less of an investment than renting the same amount from an energy provider, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

Take control – Own your energy