Commercial Solar

Most businesses primarily use energy during the daylight hours, making them the perfect candidate for solar energy.

While solar has many benefits, the most commonly sought-after is generally financially motivated. Since commercial properties “light up” during the daytime and an average business will operate between 9am to 5pm, most of the energy required can be drawn directly from a solar system – This generally leads to a very impressive return on investment.

Due to the varying scale of energy usage between business to business, the process required to find the correct solution also changes. Commercial properties can often require varying sized panels depending on how the building is structured – We highly recommend sitting down with an expert and having them inspect your property before tailoring a solution

CEC accredited

Our installers hold all of the necessary accreditations required for the installation of solar PV systems.

Trusted service

With a 5 star social rating and zero-fair trading complaints, Apex Renewables has become one of QLD’s most trusted solar advocates.

With over 900+ completed jobs within the commercial solar space, our installers are well versed on how tidy, compliant installs should be. We take pride in every step of the installation process

With over 8 years of experience installation solar, our team is passionate about what they do and remain enthusiastic about their cause.

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The Apex In quality

Apex Renewables stands strong on top of our 3 pillars of excellence.

  • Excellence in your system performance.
  • Excellence in your installation process.
  • Excellence in your after market service.